Inner journey

Embrace Your Inner Magic: Unearth Your Hidden Treasures

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to embark on a journey of self-discovery? Look no further than the Discover Your Hidden Treasures Chatterbox! This unique tool is designed to help you uncover the hidden treasures that lie within you.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Growth: Follow Alice’s Curious Lead

Ready to Dive Down the Rabbit Hole of Self-Discovery?

Are you yearning for a life filled with self-love, personal growth, and a mindset that embraces endless possibilities? Discover how to cultivate an Alice in Wonderland approach to self-discovery and develop a growth mindset that propels you towards your dreams.

Define what Play means to you!

If you’ve been out of the habit of playing, it can feel daunting or overwhelming knowing where to start . What is play, anyway? What I define as play might look entirely different to what you like. That’s ok! Defining play and finding ways to have fun is a personal and unique experience for each …

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hands forming a heart

Fall In Love With Yourself

Once you discover how to fall in love with yourself, you can’t help but treat yourself with respect and thoughtfulness. While seeking love, many people tend to look outward rather than inward. Yet falling in love with yourself can be just as wonderful an experience as falling in love with someone else. While the idea …

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Start Where You Are

What do I mean by Start Where You Are (SWYA)? When asked by people how I changed my life, I would say that I embraced the messiness and began. I didn’t wait for things to be perfect or for x, y and z to be in place. I started where I was and explained how …

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pink cup yay with sprinkles on a background wall

Pause & Celebrate

If you have been reading my blog you will know I have been working on my health and wellbeing over the last 15 months. I thought it was timely to pause and review how far I have come from this time last year.  Celebrate  I remember when I first started at the end of Feb …

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tiny wooden houses

The Gift of Staying In

When Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday, March 23, that New Zealand would go into “Lock Down” for four weeks, I was at a café with a friend having lunch. Life was about to change in a big way for everyone. I felt uncertain and anxious about what this would mean.  While the last eight weeks …

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moonboot with flowers in it

Changes Afoot

I am a considerably happier person these days compared to who I was this time last year and two years ago. What happened? I made one change which created a ripple effect into the rest of my life I want to share some of the aha moments that I discovered along the way. Listen to …

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