Start Where You Are

What do I mean by Start Where You Are (SWYA)?

When asked by people how I changed my life, I would say that I embraced the messiness and began. I didn’t wait for things to be perfect or for x, y and z to be in place. I started where I was and explained how I focussed on one thing at a time starting with;

  • Mindset,
  • Movement,
  • Sleep
  • Nourishing my body.

rather than trying to overhaul my life overnight.

I knew when I had finished writing “Changes Afoot” there would be a follow up to my story. In October and November 2020 I completed the first draft of my manuscript “Start Where You Are“

Enjoy reading the introduction of Start Where You Are.

“I am living proof that it’s never too late to rewrite a chapter in your life. In fact, I am still editing it as we speak”

Janine Langdon-Lee

You realise that something has to change. While the urge to ignore that inner feeling seems an easier option, you understand deep down that things can’t carry on!

I know what that’s like because I felt the same way too. At 49 years of age, I found myself overwhelmed. I had fallen out of love with myself and my body. I may have appeared happy, I was struggling, and I noticed the changes; my body was cumbersome.

Closing the doors on my 40s

My 40s were the decade of change; some change came as employment status from part-time employee to business owner to free spirit! My weight went up and down like a Yoyo. We moved houses twice. My dad was diagnosed with an illness and passed away. New friends made, and some friendships ended. I learnt what success meant to me, and I experienced failure several times. I felt the hold of grief for a while.

When you ignore something long enough–it’s only a matter of time before it forces you to deal with it whether or not you like it.

Janine Langdon-Lee

In my case, it came as a minor accident in November 2017. I tripped and fell on our front door steps after farewelling friends and injured my left ankle. This minor fracture had a big impact on my life and was the wake-up call I needed. It forced me to slow down and stop, to sort my shit out, re-evaluate and examine what I wanted in life. This moment in time was a turning point, and little did I realise where it would lead. I began the latter part of 2018, addressing my health and well-being after neglecting it for decades by deciding to move my body.

Glancing back now, I see this accident as a blessing. It made me reassess everything in my life and the desire to share that first step in my health and well-being journey with other woman was the reason I wrote my first self-published book: Changes Afoot–What a moon boot taught me about life, love and self-care.

What I discovered as I approached 50 was that I had spent most of my life trying to blend in, not stand out which was ironic given I ate my feelings and emotions and put on weight and stood out. I would spend the next two years working through the stories I told myself about my worth. I remember the shame I went through when I saw the number on the scales at a medical appointment. How I let this one piece of data sum up my worth in a moment in time. I knew when the time was right, I would share that story with other woman.

Why the need to share my story?

This is the book I would have loved to have read when I was on my journey. It was like walking in the dark without a torch or a map and stumbling along; I got lost and other times being surrounded by travel companions at different stages helped me stay on my path.

I hope that by sharing some of my story will inspire you or a loved one to transform an area of your or their life like I did with my own. Through this book I share the trials of my journey along with ideas and the tools I used, tried and adapted. I want you to imagine this book as your virtual cheerleader or guide who is walking alongside you and cheering you on even if you don’t believe it yourself. Who supports you and encourages you to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

SWYA is divided into four themes called Mindset, Restore, Nourish and Move. These pillars helped me transform my life over the last three years to become the strongest, fittest and healthier version of myself. Throughout the book, I have a list of journal prompts and activities that you can do. I recommend downloading the workbook to record your responses and thoughts down. As you read these pages if something speaks to you – underline the words or highlight them!

Let’s begin and take the first step together.


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