Define what Play means to you!

If you’ve been out of the habit of playing, it can feel daunting or overwhelming knowing where to start . What is play, anyway? What I define as play might look entirely different to what you like. That’s ok!

Defining play and finding ways to have fun is a personal and unique experience for each of us. What matters most is deciding what sounds like fun and making time for it. That’s what today’s post is all about. I want to help you define what play means to you and help you get out there and find some fun!

The Collins Dictionary defines Play: “When children, animals, or perhaps adults play, they spend time doing enjoyable things, such as using toys and taking part in games.

However if we look as Play as the act of enjoying an activity for personal satisfaction rather than a practical purpose. Play can be anything.

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Thinking back to your childhood what did you enjoy doing for play?

Did you spend most of your time with your nose in a book? Or was colouring in more your thing? Perhaps playing with dolls was your jam?  Maybe building forts or playing with Lego was your thing? Or did you prefer getting outdoors climbing trees, exploring the neighbourhood and making mud pies and playing outside with your friends?

Take some time now and write a list of the childhood play activities that you loved and made you feel good.

What do you love to do when there’s no limits on your time?

Think about those activities you enjoy when you have free time – the things you do that make time fly by when you’re having fun.

If you already have a good idea of what play means for you, all you need is to find new ways to have fun with it.

  • Try a new spin on your current pastime
  • Take a class or go on a retreat
  • Buy new equipment or tools
  • Join a group or find friends who love the same thing

There are plenty of ways to find fun and make the activities you already love even better.

What is something you’ve always wanted to try?

People find a million reasons not to do the things they want. They talk themselves out of the fun that could make their free time much more interesting and give them a new and satisfying opportunity for joy. It’s important to try new things that excites your interest.

  • Trying new things expands your mind
  • Trying new things creates variety
  • Trying new things spreads joy
  • Trying new things sparks creativity

Don’t hold back from trying something new and fun that you’ve wanted to experience.

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Make time for Play

We can always find excuses not to play – we can talk ourselves out of it or tell ourselves it’s silly. Honour yourself and your needs. Play is essential self-care!

  • Create time in your day/week for a play date with yourself or friends.
  • Schedule play into your planner like any other important appointment.
  • Create a Play Box – gather a few play items e.g, play dough, puzzles, or colouring books, kite, bubbles so you have easy access to your play box.

Being playful and engaging in activities that sound fun is a perfect way to spend free time. What you find fun and energising may look different to other people. It’s important to define what play means to you and have fun! If you already have a pastime, find new and fun ways to expand on it. If you aren’t sure what you’d like to try, explore the ideas from your childhood or ideas that pop into your mind and see which ones you love most when you step out for some fun. The next step is make time for Play in your day everyday, whether its 30 minutes a day or an hour every few days.

How will you make time for Play in your life?

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