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Changes Afoot—My Inner Journey

Changes Afoot—What a moonboot taught me about life, love, and self-care.

You know when something needs to change—you feel it. For me, I felt the changes physically; my body felt heavy and cumbersome. Some simple everyday tasks felt difficult. I also felt it emotionally, as my moods were up and down. On a soul level, I was being sent messages through my body that things needed to change. I put my unhappiness down to grief—which, in part, they were.

Where do you begin when you need to make changes, and it feels overwhelming? Instead of trying to make radical changes in a few areas of my life, I focussed on one area—health and wellbeing! Read how I transformed my non-existent relationship with exercise into one where I love moving my body every day in some way. You can read about my journey of self-love and care in Changes Afoot.

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The Next Chapter…
Hungry 4 Change!

4 Pillars of Self-Love and Success

Hungry 4 Change is the book I would have loved to have read when I was beginning my journey. Sometimes it felt like I was walking in the dark without a torch or a map and stumbling along. 

I hope that by sharing some of my story, I will inspire you or a loved one to transform an area of your or their life as I did with my own. Through this book, I share the trails of my journey along with ideas and the tools I used, tried, and adapted.

I want you to imagine this book as your virtual cheerleader or guide who is walking alongside you and cheering you on even if you don’t believe in yourself. Who supports you and encourages you whilst you navigate your own journey.

Hungry 4 Change is divided into four themes/pillars called Mindset, Restore, Nourish, and Move. These pillars helped me transform my life over the last three years and a half years to become the strongest, fittest, and healthier version of myself. Throughout the book, I have a list of journal prompts and activities that you can do to help you create and transform and nurture changes in your life.

Coming 2023!

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