Welcome 2023: Savour, Slow Down, and Simplify

Have you heard of the word of the year?

12 years ago I was introduced to the concept of “One Little Word” by Ali Edwards. I find around December a word normally reveals itself to me. By choosing a word I know that I have a focus/theme for the coming year. I chose the word Limitless”.

When you chose a word it taps into an intention that feels powerful and contains energy that our heart can get excited about. Rather than another thing on our “to do list” Having a Word of the Year is a fun way to set your intentions and theme and guide you through your year. It acts as your North Star and reminds you of what you want to DO and who you want to BE. I felt quite excited by my 2023 word.

Then mid-January that all changed, when a family member was rushed to hospital. For the six weeks they were in hospital four of those weeks felt stressful for me. 

woman sitting at desk with laptop and writing in a book

It wasn’t until I journaled two weeks ago and saw on paper how much emotion and stress, I had been holding onto from the previous weeks that I realised that my original word of “limitless” no longer felt like a good fit for me.

Instead, the words savour, slow and simplicity was something I wanted to carry forward into the rest of 2023. These words have much more special meaning and purpose to me.

Savour because it reminds me to be present in each moment and to appreciate the people, experiences, and moments in life that bring me joy.

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Slow because it encourages me to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take the time to slow down and enjoy the small moments that make life so special and appreciate it.

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Simplify as it reminds me to focus on the important things in life and to not get caught up in the unnecessary distractions of everyday life and to focus on what truly matters.

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By choosing these three words for 2023, I am reminded to savour the moments of joy and peace, to slow down and enjoy life, and to simplify my life and focus on what truly matters. I am looking forward to this year, and all the wonderful moments that will come with it.
Its never too late to chose a word/s.

Do you have a word of the year? Let me know yours in the comments below. If you need help choosing a word check out my downloadable resource 2023 Word of the Year Pdf for $7.00

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