On the Shelf – 3 Books

I love reading and thought I would share some of the books I have been reading recently.

My Body, My Home

A radical guide to resilience and self-love

I discovered this at the library five weeks ago and ended up buying a copy my own. I wish I had discovered this book three years ago when I was beginning my own journey. However, I am a true believer in divine timing.

This book is for those who find themselves disconnected from their bodies and mind. It’s filled with prompts and exercises for reflection throughout the book that challenge the negative stories we tell ourselves about our bodies. This book acts as a guide leading you back home to yourself, a path to self-acceptance, resilience, and healing the disconnect between your body and mind. This book felt like a warm hug. The author encourages you to make the book your own whether you draw in it, rip pages out, or write in the margins.

I would recommend this book to anyone who feels disconnected from their body, and wants to change the relationship with their body. If you are beginning this journey, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable as you begin you challenge the stories you have held onto. This book is your chance to rewrite the stories and to begin having a loving relationship with yourself. A journey to come home to your body and mind. I love reading this book. The illustrations complimented the text. The writing was wonderful. This book made me realise how far I had come on my journey home to myself.

Break the Good Girl Myth

How to Dismantle Outdated Rules, Unleash Your Power, and Design a More Purposeful Life

Another book I discovered at the library three weeks ago, which I devoured over a weekend. I had quite a few aha moments reading this book. You see I can relate to the “Good Girl” myth.

The author identifies five self-sabotaging tendencies (“the five Good Girl Myths”) every woman must overcome to unleash her power and design a more purposeful life:

  • The Myth of Rules
  • The Myth of Perfection
  • The Myth of Logic
  • The Myth of Harmony
  • The Myth of Sacrifice

There is a quick and easy assessment you can do in the book, to help you identify your primary good girl myth. As an aside my primary myth was rules. I wasn’t too surprised by what my assessment revealed. Majo helps you discover how each myth negatively affects your relationships, career, and well-being. And provides a number of tools for each myth that you can use to empower your self to let go of the conditioning.

The tools and strategies that Majo recommends in her book are varied and you can dip in and out of each myth. This will be a book that I know I will return too. It helped me identify my invisible rules and how I could reframe my rules in a new way, freeing up our energy and take action.

I recommend this book to any woman who wants to find her voice again, applying practical design thinking tools so that we can share out gifts with the world.

Mental Fitness

Build your mind for strength and resilience every day.

I read Dr Paul Wood’s first book “How to Escape from Prison” a couple of years ago. Paul shared his story of how at 18 years old he ended up behind bars for 11 years along with his road to redemption as a doctor of psychology. That book was difficult read at times due to the content, and yet it was also uplifting in a roundabout way. It certainly made me think about my mindset.

I am currently working my way through Mental Fitness which deals with mental fitness and resilience and how we should be placing as much on our mental fitness as much as we do with our physical health.  What we need to cope in times of crisis and to flourish the rest of the time.  Topics covered in his book include positive thinking, self-care, setting goals, creating habits, boundaries, the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

I would recommend Mental Fitness to anyone interested in techniques for self-development, healthy living, and finding balance and purpose.

Let me know in the comments if you have read any of these, or what you are reading?

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