Create a Vision Board That Works

Are you ready to create change in your life? A vision board is the perfect way to begin and set things in motion. Through the practice of creating a visual representation of what you want to improve in your life, you’ll put the law of attraction in motion.

Here are some tips that will help you create a vision board that works:

Decide What You Want Your Vision Board to Focus On

Do you want to focus on a single goal, such as a health and wellbeing goal? Or do you want to capture what you want your life to be like at a set time (a year from now or 3 years from now). You can also create a vision board for a certain aspect of your life, such as your family life or your relationship status, or a financial goal. I have created various ones over the last three years from business, to health and wellbeing and more recently a learning to drive vision board.

Choose Your Board

There are endless ways to create a vision board. What will you use? Will it be cardstock, an art journal page, a large pinboard or a digital board. You can create a collage using pictures from magazines, personal photos or printed images from the internet. You can spruce it up with your own doodles or with scrapbooking paper and supplies. You can even add stickers and inspirational quotes. Wanna keep it really simple – a white board is one the easiest ways to map out and visualise a goal.

Choose Your Style

Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to create a vision board, so choose the style that works best for you. For example, if you like things that are symmetrical and well thought out, you can plan out your board and line it up to your satisfaction. If you like to fly by the seat of your pants, then just do that and see what you come up with!

Gather Your Materials

Magazines are typically the main source for finding vision board images. If you don’t have a nice stack of magazines, you can usually pick some up from an op shop, or ask our friends.  If not, head to Google Images and make sure you have color ink in your printer. If you’re an artist, you can grab your coloured pencils or felts. If there are any other embellishments you want to add, be sure to grab those. And don’t forget photos of yourself! It’s effective to include photos of yourself doing or being what you want to achieve on your vision boards. If not, magazine photos will suffice. Don’t forget scissors, tape, glue, or pins (if you are using a pinboard).

Start Browsing While Focusing on Your Goal

Turn on some fun music, focus on the goal you want to accomplish, and start browsing through your magazines or online images. When you are looking for images, focus on the essence of how accomplishing the goal will make you feel because the whole point of the vision board is to ignite your passion to help you achieve your goal, and it’s your feelings that are going to do that for you. For example, if your goal is to improve your financial situation, it might be better to show images that reflect the freedom and happiness you’ll feel when you don’t have to stress over money instead of just showing images of money.

Get Detailed

The more detail you put into your vision board, the more the visualisation process will work for you because our brains view detailed imagined futures the same as they view past memories, which helps bring that imagined reality to you. So don’t just include a couple images (unless you feel a very strong emotional connection to those images). Really think through how that accomplished goal will make you feel and express it as completely as possible. Include words and symbols that bring it to life for you as well.

Lay it Out & Then Glue it Down

Before you glue anything down, start laying out your images, words, and embellishments. I like to lay it all out before gluing anything down. This gives you an overview of what it looks like and allows you to create a better arrangement. But don’t stress over it either! Just let it be a fun process without trying to make it perfect. I often find at this stage I will leave a few images out.

close up of hands showing placing images onto vision board

Display it

Once you’ve created your vision board, display it somewhere prominent where you’ll be able to look at it often. The more you look at your vision board, the more quickly and easily you are likely to achieve your goal. If you feel uncomfortable about having this out on display – place it in a room or space that is private from the rest of the household. I like to take a photo and create it as a wallpaper image for my phone as well.

Have Fun!

The most important thing is to let the process of creating a vision board be fun! If you make it a project that you “have to” do, you’ll stop the attraction process in its tracks. Just go with it, let yourself dream, and have fun! Sometimes I like to journal about my vision board afterwards. If you need some ideas on what to journal about, leave me a comment below and I can leave you some suggestions.

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