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Changes Afoot

I am a considerably happier person these days compared to who I was this time last year and two years ago. What happened? I made one change which created a ripple effect into the rest of my life I want to share some of the aha moments that I discovered along the way. Listen to …

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2020 Word

Last year I didn’t even have the energy to entertain a word for 2019 – if I had it would have been “SLEEP”. This Year it took me nine days to come up with my word for 2020 and quite frankly I was surprised at what it was. How did I come up with the …

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As I began

Have you ever read something that speaks to your soul and lingers with you for a while? A couple of years ago, I was flicking through a magazine when the poem below caught my eye! Some of the verses resonated with me and yet some made me feel uncomfortable. Recently rifling through a folder of …

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Coming Home to Myself

This time last year, I was an unhappy, sad woman who was heavy of mind and body and out of synch with her soul! Fast forward to July 2019; I see a gorgeous woman with a grin on her face a sparkle in her eyes and a lightness about her. I have spent the last …

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