A Sacred Space of her Own

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Life can be exhausting and overwhelming at times and during these moments all you want is a place where you can retreat and call a space of your own. Some of you may be thinking this place sounds like bliss and are already packing your bags! What if I told you that you could create this space within your home? Now before you groan and say – Janine space is an issue in our home. Let’s look at how a sacred space can be used.

A sacred space allows you to:

  • Slow down
  • Breathe and pause in your day
  • Begin your day
  • End your day
  • Restore your energy
  • Have time out from others in your home
  • Be
  • Reconnect to your body, mind, emotions and soul

Choose a Space!

Be creative! Your sacred space doesn’t have to a room.

It can be a:         

  • corner in a room
  • favourite chair
  • sheltered area in your garden.
  • shelf in your bedroom
  • space on your desk.

Take a walk around your home and look at it with new eyes. Where in your home makes you feel grounded or happy. Is it indoors, upstairs or downstairs, in your garden or shed? It’s not the size of the space that matters; it’s how that space makes you feel. A place where you feel content, happy, inspired.

When choosing a space – think about location. If your sacred space is in a busy part of the home is there a way you can signify to others in your household that when you are in this space – they are to do their own thing and they should only talk to you if it is an emergency? When will you use this space – will you come here when the rest of the house is having naps or on their own devices – or first thing in the morning – when everyone else is still asleep. Thinking about some of these things can help you pinpoint a suitable spot.

chair and book in reading nook

Intention for your space

When choosing your sacred space – what will be the purpose of that’s space? Is it to read? Journal? Have a cup of tea? Meditate? Light a candle? Pray? Just a place to sit and connect to spirit?.  Whatever it is – set an intention for space. Say out loud when you have created your space whatever it is you would like this to be.

I have two spaces – however, they serve different purposes.

For example, the space in my bedroom – is a place where I go to “be” – to sit in stillness and restore my energy when I felt I needed time out from the others in the house.  When I sit there, I feel a sense of inner peace.

While the intention of my reading nook is entirely different, the purpose of this space is where I come to start my day.  Where I ease myself into the day – through journaling, reading and drinking my morning cuppa.

Now you don’t have to get that deep and meaningful about your intention. You may choose to use one of the following examples;

A space to

  • restore your energy
  • take time out
  • enjoy a cuppa in peace
  • look at the view outside
  • Inspire your creativity
  • embrace stillness
chair in corner and pot plant

Prepare Your Space

You want this space to embody what your intention is – e.g. calm, cosy, uplifting, inspiring. Where ever your sacred spot is – does it need to be dusted or wiped down or cleaned.  Do you need to add furniture or move furniture?

As you are cleaning and preparing your space – think of your intention and how you want this space to make you feel. Does your area feel like you want it too? If not, what else does it need?

When I change spaces around, I like to clear the area or room of old energy by:

  • Opening a window
  • Smudging the space
  • Playing music
  • Spraying the room with an essential oil room mist
  • Diffusing essential oils

Choose what works for you.

sage room spray and paua sheel

Use your space

After all the work – now comes the follow-through. Using your space! Guilt has no place in this space. Do you have a sacred space – in your home? Feel free to share photos of your sacred space below.

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